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Gemini CollisionWorks was founded in 1997 by multidisciplinary artist Ian W. Hill as a company to produce his work for the stage as director/designer, both original plays and restagings.  From then to 2000 he created dozens of works, primarily at the NADA theater on Ludlow Street, in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, where he served as caretaker and manager of the spaces and rehearsal halls, and, somewhat notoriously, lived in the basement.  Here, he created a number of legendary productions, including the collage fantasia Even the Jungle (slight return) (co-written/conceived by David LM Mcintyre), and the science-fiction/horror restaging of the 1880s temperance melodrama, Ten Nights in a Bar-Room, as well as producing three acclaimed festivals of dozens of directors reinterpreting the plays of Richard Foreman, NO STRINGS ATTACHED, 1997-99.

Berit Johnson became his partner in life and work in 2000, as NADA was being evicted, and have run the company together ever since. They were married in a 4-performance run of The Wedding of Berit Johnson & Ian W. Hill: A Theatre Study by Ian W. Hill & Berit Johnson at The Brick in June, 2010.

GCW began its residency at The Brick in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with their production of NECROPOLIS 1&2: World Gone Wrong/Worth Gun Willed in the Moral Values Festival, June, 2005.  They continued to produce work at the theater several times a year after that, with Ian & Berit serving as Technical Directors at the space, until ending their association in November, 2017.  As much information as you might ever want on our theatrical shows will be available soon in the "PREVIOUS" section of this website.

In 2019, GCW began producing the audio science-fiction sitcom Life With Althaar, which can be streamed for free from most podcast suppliers, and has become a favorite with audio drama listeners worldwide. 

While GCW has always had an ad-hoc group of up to 40 actor-collaborators working with them at any time, with their production of My First Autograce Homeography (1973-1974) in 2014, a more formal arrangement began to codify, and as more actors and technicians joined the company since then, and the work became more and more collaborative, The Collisionworkers have become an actual company, with the actor-workers involved more in the running and production of the works.  While the company lineup will change slightly each year, the core structure should remain mostly intact. 

Gemini CollisionWorks is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Gemini CollisionWorks must be made payable to Fractured Atlas only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Tax-deductible donations may be made HERE.


The Collisionworkers 2020 consist of (at this point):

John Amir, actor, writer

Rolls Andre, actor

David Arthur Bachrach, actor

Fred Backus, actor

Olivia Baseman, actor

Philip Cruise, actor, writer

Ivanna Cullinan, actor

Clara Francesca, actor

Lex Friedman, actor, writer

Eli Ganias, actor

Linus Gelber, actor, writer

Dean Haspiel, playwright, illustrator, actor

Ian W. Hill, arts, director, writer, designer, actor, manager, founder

Berit Johnson, crafts, co-creator, writer, designer, manager, actor

Amanda La Pergola, actor, writer

Chris Lee, actor, writer

Holly Pocket McCaffrey, costume designer, actor

Leila Okafor, actor

Derrick Peterson, actor

Alyssa Simon, actor

Anna Stefanic, actor, composer, musician

Jessica Stoya, actor

Mark Veltman, photographer

Zuri Washington, actor

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