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Audio and Video work from our company, current and forthcoming, includes:

The Chickie West Enigmas - a multimedia podcast for audio, video, and stage detailing the metaphysical, multidimensional adventures of Chickie West, dame reporter (as previously seen onstage in Spacemen from Space! and Cant), as she searches for the big big story in an uncaring, non-narrative Universe that's full of them.  Written by Ian W. Hill

Life with Althaar - the continuing serial podcast-story of life on a distant space station, centered around Althaar, a good-natured ambassador of an insectoid race who wants to do his best, but is constantly tripped up in his dealings with other species by both his naivete and his nauseating body and sounds.  Created by Berit Johnson and Ian W. Hill

Gollywater Brooklyn Makepeace - a feature film, to be shot on non-synchronous 16mm film, expanding on themes and characters from the GCW onstage Universe in a new narrative combining elements of hallucination and essay.  Yet another Apophänie from us specialists in the form.  Film by Ian W. Hill

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